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LetsUpgrade Student Ambassador Program is a platform for students who are passionate about programming to start and run an active programming club in their college/university. You will be the face, voice and evangelist of LetsUpgrade at your college/university. You’ll get creative freedom for hosting meetups, contests and building a large network of students.

🏆 Benefits

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💼 What my role will be?

🗝 Enrollment Process

  1. Application Process starts from 15th Sept 2020 and ends on 26th Sept 2020. Click here to fill the Application Form.
  1. Interviews will not be conducted instead students have to upload their video resume in the form. ( Video should not be more than 1 min)
  1. Based on the responses and criteria decided, students will be shortlisted.
  1. Selected students will receive a mail for induction process.

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